The ultimate tool for feeding a healthy family

The ultimate tool for feeding a healthy family


Verena Dickson, MSc, RNutr

Child Nutritionist

Hands down, I am a HUGE fan of the Division of Responsibility in Feeding. This is a tool which allows parents to provide nutrition and structure while giving children the independence to eat according to their needs.  

I love the Division of Responsibility, as it supports children’s self-regulatory abilities and removes any pressure from the dinner table.

It is the parents/caregiver’s job to decide WHAT goes on the table, WHEN to provide meals/snacks and WHERE to serve them.

It is then 100% up to the child WHETHER to eat from what is on the table and HOW MUCH to eat.

Let’s have a look at your feeding jobs.


  • Foods you enjoy as a family
  • Each meal/snack should contain at least one source of carbohydrate, protein, fat and fruit/vegetables
  • Serve foods separately “Deconstructed Burrito Style”
  • At least one familiar, safe food your child can fill up on


  • Provide a meal/snack time structure
  • Find a routine that allows for eating together at least once a day
  • Schedule meals/snacks, so your child comes to the table hungry but not famished
  • Avoid grazing between meals/snacks


  • Designated eating space, i.e. the family table
  • All meals AND snacks should be served while the child is sitting down
  • Avoid eating “on-the-go” if you can

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