How to get my child to eat vegetables

How to get my child to eat vegetables


Verena Dickson, MSc, RNutr

Child Nutritionist

I have some great news! It is NOT your job to get your kids to eat vegetables!

It is your job to provide nutritious meals and you also choose when and where to serve meals and snacks. But it is 100% up to your kids, to choose what they eat from the foods you have offered, and also how much they eat.

Getting children to eat more or less, especially in the name of weight control, backfires.

Research strongly suggests, that children have outstanding self-regulatory abilities. They will eat what they need, when they need it and they will stop eating when they are full. If supported correctly, they will grow according to their genetic blue print.

That means for you, once dinner is served, you can sit back, relax, enjoy your meal and leave it up to your kids to explore their own dinner plate in their own time.



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