Feeding your toddler

Feeding your toddler

The toddler stage is marked by children become aware that they are separate from their environment and parents. With individualism, comes learning new things every day, testing boundaries, experiencing the power of language and exploring the world.

Often, toddlers become fussy about their food. I hear it all the time, babies would eat and enjoy all the fruit and veggies parents offered when they were weaning and suddenly, they seemingly stop liking fruit and veg. Not eating everything parents offer is a normal part of developing their own mind and being.

It is important, to keep offering those foods, but not commenting on whether your children choose to eat them or not. As a parent, you decide what goes on the table, but leave it up to your children to decide what and how much to eat, from the foods you offered. This way, you are completely taking the pressure out of eating. Your toddler might go through phases of not blatantly accepting the vegetables, like he used to. But ultimately, he will warm up to them again and eat what you offer.

During the picking eating stage, many parents worry about their toddlers not getting enough nutrients, but don’t worry, toddlers, like babies, still have an incredibly sense for what their body needs. They will eat what they need, and stop eating, when they are satisfied.

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