Feeding your infant

Feeding your infant

Babies are champions in intuitive eating, follow their lead in feeding.

Children are born with a drive to eat, the ability to eat the right amount of food and to grow consistently in a fashion that reflects their genetic endowment.

It is up to us parents and caregivers, to support their natural abilities and respond to their signals of hunger and fullness.  The first few months in life, are all about responding to your baby’s needs, feeding, changing and lots of love. And don’t worry, you can’t spoil a tiny baby.

Trust your baby to know how much to eat. I know this can be easier said than done, we get influenced by friends, grandparents, doctors and nurses. When we constantly get told “get him to eat more” or “watch that she’s not eating too much and too fast”, all best intentions can waver. But if we want to press our own agenda to feed more or less than baby is asking for, we can distort their natural eating abilities. This can not only lead to a cranky baby, but to a child who will overeat or undereat when they are older.

You simply must trust that your child knows how much, how fast and how often to eat and has an inborn wisdom about growth.

If you read this after your child already went through this first stage in life, please don’t feel critiqued. Truth is, most parents do a great job by following their instincts. For tips on how to support or restore your older child’s natural ability to self-regulate food intake, check out my other blogs.

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