Hey, I’m Verena Dickson and I am super excited that you are here!
Please get in touch, if you want to learn the secrets to feeding a healthy family!
Spoiler alert: my strategies will never include restrictive diets or work against the child’s natural body type. I put your child’s health and happiness at the center of my work with you.
With my experience, scientific knowledge and compassion, I have helped countless families. It’s time I share my tools with your family!

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    Let’s work together, to free up your precious time and headspace.  So you can be fully present with your family!

    Mum of one
    "We have learned to trust our child's instincts and gently build on the selection of foods that make it to her mouth; not just the floor. Our fussy eater is becoming increasingly adventurous with favours and textures. Meal times have become much more relaxed and enjoyable for all the family."