Learn to understand and address the unique feeding issues your child brings to the table.

Stop the power struggles over food and help your child grow up to be a competent eater.  

You can feed your child with confidence and joy!

Your son used to love vegetables when you weaned him and now he is refusing anything that doesn’t assemble pasta, potatoes or toast?

Your 7-months old daughter loves food, even vegetables, but refuses her bottle?

Your one year old loves eating, but only a tiny amount of food seems to actually go in?

Your three children have very distinct food preferences, what one loves, the other refuses?

Your 2 year old doesn’t touch any meat?

Your child doesn’t seem to eat enough, sometimes only tiny portions for dinner?

Your child rarely tries something new?

Your little one has the appetite of an elephant and seems to eat at every opportunity?

Your son seems to be obsessed with sweets and treats?

Your daughter is bigger than other kids her age?


You are not alone!

Common feeding challenges are fussy eating, food obsession, oral motor or developmental delays, sensory issues, food allergies or weight concerns.

Every child is different, but every child can build a good relationship with food. They might just need your help!

Support your child in making balanced food choices, tune into their signals for hunger and fullness and navigate through a complicated food environment, when they get older. 

I can support you to help your child develop a positive relationship with food and their own body!