Verena’s non-judgemental, logical and caring approach to child nutrition has helped me relax and build confidence. Above all, she is a wonderful problem-solver and I highly recommend her for nutritional guidance." TANYA, MUM OF TWO

Feeding children can be a challenge!

Recommended guidelines, "friendly" advice from family, friends and other parents, not to mention your child's own temperament can all leave you feeling conflicted and unsure of the best path for YOUR family. Therefore, even with the best intentions, it can be tricky to navigate the confusing world of child nutrition.

Kinder Nutrition is here to help!

Drawing from my experience, scientific qualifications and compassion, I offer simple, practical and transformational advice to families. Most importantly, I give you the confidence to feed your loved ones well, while promoting a positive body image.


transform mealtimes

A mindful approach to raising children who enjoy a variety of foods, are willing to try new foods and feel positive about eating 


build body confidence

Positive strategies to promote a healthy body image, build confidence and develop resilience against media influence.


address challenges

Kind solutions to feeding challenges such as fussy eating, food allergies, starting solids, overeating and others.

Take the pressure out of feeding your family with Kinder Nutrition!

Scientifically proven methods and game-changing tools that support your child's independence with eating.

Verena Dickson, RNutr

Child Nutritionist

Hey, I’m Verena, it’s so lovely to meet you!

I am a Registered Nutritionist, specialising in child nutrition.

With 10 years of training and experience in nutrition, I am on a mission to give parents the tools to raise competent eaters and body confident kids.

I am passionate about simplifying child nutrition, so parents like you can relax about feeding. In that way, we will free up precious time and headspace so you can be more present with your family.

Positive feeding strategies, love for good food and trust in our bodies are the cornerstones of Kinder Nutrition. Consequently, I reject weight stigma, food restriction and diet non-sense!

All children should have the opportunity to grow into the body that is natural for them. Our role as parents is then, to teach children to trust, appreciate and love their bodies.

I offer advice on my social media channels, through webinars, workshops and 1-to-1 consultations.

Drop me a line if you have any questions.


Let's do this!

Here is how we can work together, to empower a new generation who have a better relationship with food and their bodies than we have.
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Help children develop natural, relaxed eating behaviours and feel good all around.

Raise intuitive eaters!

Success Stories

Woman holding young girl


Mum to Ellie

Where do I begin... I have always struggled with body image issues myself and I did not want my daughter to grow up with the same issues I had. Therefore, I got in touch with Verena, when my daughter was three years old. Ellie, loved eating and was growing well, but many people around me said I should watch her diet and that she was “chubby”. But, I knew I didn’t want to  put her on a diet. Most importantly, I needed confirmation from a professional.

Verena has not only confirmed that I was right not to restrict my daughter’s food intake, she has reinforced my intuitive way of parenting.  With this, I learnt how to feed my daughter in response to her hunger and fullness. Furthermore, I stoped worrying about how people say I should be feeding her.

Additionally, Verena has given me ideas on how to build a body positive home, which is incredibly important to me.

Woman holding a young toddler


Mum to Lilly and Joshua

I attended Verena’s Raising Mindful Eaters workshop and it opened my eyes to a different, more kind way of feeding my family. I have a son (5) and a daughter (2) who are very different, when it comes to eating. For example, my son is picky, eats little, and is very cautious with new foods, while my daughter is a little foodie; she loves fruit, vegetables and most other foods we cook. I always tried to get my son to eat and try more foods, while making sure my daughter isn’t eating too much. As a result, our dinnertimes were sometimes frustrating and stressful. While I was trying to get my son to eat more, I tried to keep my daughter from having thirds…

The Raising Mindful Eaters workshop has completely changed my view on this, and I now apply the Division of Responsibility in feeding. Our family dinners have been transformed!


Mum to Finley

Yesterday I attended Kinder Nutrition's Weaning Webinar and it was the best thing I did all day.

I had a ticket to attend the live workshop but with the Corona situation developing so quickly I was still really happy it would be available online. I have to admit I was apprehensive about how much I would get out of it as I had never done a Webinar before, but the depth and quality of information, the pace and the delivery were fantastic. Also, there was an option to write questions throughout and Verena stayed online after to answer all remaining questions.

Since the Webinar I haven't stopped thinking about the Division of responsibility and how I can apply it to my family.

The Webinar is broken into 4 easy steps of weaning and additional information plus a recap is given by e-mail the next day

The best thing I took away was the confidence Verena transmitted, that I know my child best, and although not always perfect I'm always trying to do what is best for them.


Find out how we can work together on transforming your family mealtimes and building body confidence in your kids

The Secret To Successful Family Mealtimes During COVID-19 (and after)

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